Science Faculty Requirements

Faculty of Science course requirements

Faculty of Science students need course equipment for lab work during all years of their degree.

Depending on your course, there may be requirements for laboratory equipment, specialised clothing and footwear.

As lab classes start during the first week of Semester One, make sure you have ordered and allowed time for delivery of your laboratory equipment before lectures start.

If you are taking degrees in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) you will require University and School of Veterinary Science embroidered overalls, pants, shirts or polos and safety footwear. You will also need a dissection kit specific for Veterinary studies. These must all be ordered on the online store in preparation for the start of 1st semester at:

If you are studying for degrees that have fieldwork such as Agriculture, Food & Agribusiness or Environment & Geosciences, you may require overalls and specialised footwear at certain stages of your course, which are also available on the online store. These are embroidered with university logo only.

In purchasing products from the online store you are entering into a supply agreement directly with UniGear.

If you are taking one of following degrees with units of study in Biology or Chemistry, you will require clothing or equipment at the start of Semester One. It is all available on the online store.

For students taking BIOLOGY it is mandatory to have a laboratory coat (either white faculty embroidered or plain white).

Students considering majoring in BIOLOGY are strongly encouraged to purchase dissection kits.

For students taking CHEMISTRY it is mandatory to wear safety glasses.


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